Digital Marketing Communications (MKT741)

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Digital Marketing Communications (MKT741)

This course facilitates creativity, innovation, entrepreneurial mind set development and a dedication to lifelong learning to become a strategic thinking marketing professional. We aim to provide a current professionally relevant learning environment that will nurture, challenge and empower our students through collaboration with industry and international partners.

Course Overview

Digital Marketing Communications

Digital Marketing communications have become the central focus for entrepreneurs, enterprises and organisations seeking to reach, engage, co-create and develop deeper relationships with their consumer ‘tribes’. In an age of ubiquitous connectivity and a demand for real-time and personalised engagement, this module will give participants an understanding of what that means for those involved in delivering richer and more productive consumer experiences through digital marketing platforms.

Teaching & Learning Plan

The first of these themes relates to the broad digital context and the implications of advancing technology for how we understand traditional marketing theory and practice. The focus of this theme is predominantly based around the necessary actions required to deliver an integrated marketing communication strategy – at the level of both thought and action.

Theme 2 looks at the digital consumer and explores the implications of emerging technology (e.g. voice search), privacy issues (e.g. the privacy trade-off) and the digital marketing toolbox (e.g. SEM, SEO, social media, PPC, display advertising, email and mobile) within digital strategy development and implementation processes.

Theme 3 looks at the Digital Marketers’ context and critically examines, through both international case study and visiting speaker inputs, the managerial challenge and opportunity in determining the appropriate use of marketing technology with an emphasis on issues of fit and practical implementation.

Learning Outcomes

Cross-cutting themes are those of customer acquisition, customer engagement and customer advocacy.

A further, central dimension of the module is the concept of ‘Value Co-Creation’ (Vargo et al., 2008). This concept sits alongside ‘Open Innovation’ in bringing a more technology enabled focus to marketing activity, as existing competency sets are stretched and challenged in this digitised context where mobile use, social media engagement and experience personalisation are significantly impacting.

With marketing media rapidly evolving and patterns of consumer engagement changing, this module will also attempt to anticipate trends that, while relatively unexplored today, may be mainstream in the next 5 years. This will be facilitated through conceptual modelling and real-time testing with live digital marketing case scenarios provided by industry partners.

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