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For Enterprises

We are engaging in enterprise challenges, by integrating student energy and resource toward supporting particular challenges impacting our communities. Do you have a concept to engage our ‘6S’ community?

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What Our Community Say

The reports created by the students have been fantastic marketing briefs which I certainly intend to put into practical use this year. They features innovative strategies and a unique insight into the town planning sector through a strong competitor analysis. I have no doubt that the implementation of some of the students suggestions will prove to be invaluable at growing Breen Planning. I would highly recommend involvement with Ulster Universities marketing students for businesses of any size.

Breen Planning
Michael Breen, Breen Planning

Just wanted to thank you and the students from Ulster University for investing time in my online business. It was great to engage with the students and yourself and get feedback and recommendations. Since my time spent on this programme I have added a new online store layout, with the intention of adding a blog post and a wish list, both of which were recommended by the students. Look forward to the opportunity of more collaboration in the future.

George Lyons, Made-By-Hand

Antrim Enterprise availed of the students through the MarTech Laboratory at Ulster University to undertake a digital marketing review of the social enterprise and identify how we could improve our engagement with actual and potential clients. At the student engagement meeting, there was no shortage of questions to establish facts, what we have done or would like to do. I would certainly recommend this project based learning if like myself you are part of a small team and are looking a fresh and update relook at your digital marketing or do not have a dedicated digital marketing team member.

Jennifer McWilliams, Antrim Enterprise

The '6S' Community

Previous Collaborations

Breen Planning

Breen Planning




Antrim Enterprise

ABB – Free at Home

Tourism NI




Vineyard Compassion

The Coast Office

UU Student Wellbeing

The Irish Student Consulting Group

Previous Collaborations

Movember Ireland

Created a strategy to bring Movember’s Student Ambassador programme to new Universities across Ireland.

Zipp Mobility

Analysed key markets for rapid expansion. Made multiple improvements to people, system process and technology.


Aided in Bamboo’s expansion into the UK market. Analysed feasibility and created an action plan for the London market.

Taylor Marketing

Designed a corporate restructuring for TML in addition to subsidiary tasks that revolve around realigning the incentives of the employee.

Project Seed

Partnering with students at the University of Dar es Salaam to help expand the skills of local students to better support and grow local business.


Provided a clear go to market strategy and recommendations for improving the online presence and brand awareness for DTWellbeing.

Nú Infusions

Preformed market analysis to assist with the development of a new product range.


Faced Challenges?

We are engaging in enterprise challenges with start-ups, social enterprises and social-good marketing, by integrating student energy and resource toward supporting particular challenges impacting our communities. If you have an interesting challenge, please share your name, contact email and a brief overview of the digital marketing challenges (Keep it brief - approx. 100 words!)

“Marketers need to build digital relationships and reputation before closing a sale" - Chris Brogan