The MarTech Laboratory – a project led by Ulster University and Liverpool John Moores University

We bring together higher education, industry & local communities to explore digital marketing in strategic and applied approaches. Together, developing skills, creating effective partnerships and promoting sustainability and social good as well as start ups and social enterprises.

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The MarTech Lab

Our Story

This Lab has certified 356 students over three years through strategic and applied digital marketing activities and has collaborated with more than 30 enterprises/start-ups. This collaborative project is a learning and collaboration space for experimentation in Marketing Technology and supports students engaging with their ‘6S’ community.

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Courses / Workshops / Events

What To Expect

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Build your capabilities by getting MarTech Software certified and show employers that you can apply digital marketing strategy and tactics in practice.

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Develop strategic knowledge through application of several tried and trusted digital marketing and digital transformation frameworks.

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Gain insights from our ‘Professors in Practice’ to develop new skills through our unique ‘ORAKL’ methodology for developing Market intelligence.

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The MarTech Lab in Numbers


certified students over 3 years


academic & industry experts engaged


enterprises / start-ups engaged


student-enterprise collaborations

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The ‘6S’ Network

The MarTech Laboratory brings together an important network of stakeholders in active learning and engages them in our project based learning approaches. Projects are led by students but also engage wider elements of the ‘6S’ community:

  • Students,
  • Start-ups,
  • Social enterprises,
  • Sustainability focused &
  • Social good projects. All with
  • Specialists to Support

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Applied Digital Skills”

Great insight into how to optimise SEO fully as well as gaining excellent knowledge on digital strategy. Thank you!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Interactive Learning”

I’ve learnt the importance of strategy in digital transformation. The lecture was really interactive and easy to follow also entertaining.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Employment Opportunities”

This will provide for future employment purposes. It would be interesting to hear more about bidding against competitors keywords.


The MarTech Blog

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I recently had the privilege of interning as a Digital Marketing Associate at the International NW200 event through the Martech Laboratory’s Micro-Internship Program designed for students at Ulster University to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, unlocking new horizons in the world of digital marketing. For me, this rather transformative experience has…

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Gen Z and their AI Future: A Short Survey Understood Through the Perspective of Participants from this Demographic and Interpreted Through AI Adopting a position of Caution on its use.

The above image was generated using the following prompt: “A positive picture of AI assisting Gen Z people in their future” The following article was written by Notion AI which leveraged data collected from a short survey of Gen Z Participants totalling 2783 (UK = 1,496 USA = 1,287) The MarTech Laboratory conducted a short…

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Learning about, Learning from and Learning Together with Artificial Intelligence (AI): Using AI as an Active Learning Enabler in Workflows at the MarTech Laboratory.

AI Image Generator – 1st Image Created Using Command “Higher Education Students Using Artificial Intelligence collaboratively in a laboratory setting” I’m sure unsurprisingly to most, we are integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into various aspects of our work at the MarTech Laboratory.   According to Kim et al. (2022, p.6069), “preparing students to collaborate with AI remains…

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