Certification Pathway

Welcome to the Martech Certification Pathway:

Here are the certifications that will help you to enhance employability skills and give you that edge on your competitors. Through the MarTech Academy you can attain free certifications (1 which would normally cost £700). Watch the following introductory video for more information. Also – on completion of all certs and participation you can earn an EDGE Award (click here for details).

The certification pathway starts with Inbound Marketing (4.5 hours) which offers a comprehensive grounding for aspiring marketers. Following completion of the first course you can choose from 2 primary certification options: Social Media Certification and SEO Certification. After completing any one of these certifications, students gain eligibility to enrol in the prestigious MarTech Bootcamp.

This unique boot camp provides an exclusive opportunity to obtain the highly valued Marketing Software Certification, which is typically priced at £700. By successfully completing this certifications pathway, students can equip themselves with a diverse set of marketing skills and enhance their professional prospects in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

If you are looking to connect with like-minded students, learn from digital marketing specialists and expand your professional network then look no further than our 6S Community for Networking and Events. Our community provides valuable opportunities to engage with industry experts, share insights, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in digital marketing.

Whether you’re seeking collaborations, seeking advice, or simply wanting to stay connected, our network offers a platform for growth and learning. Join us today and unlock the power of networking in the digital marketing world.

Inbound Marketing

Click here to visit the course and begin your first certification.

SEO Cert

Click here when finished Inbound Marketing cert if you’d like to follow an SEO pathway.

Social Media Cert

Click here when finished Inbound Marketing cert if you’d like to follow a Social Media specialism pathway.

Marketing Software Cert

Click here to being your final certification once finished Inbound Marketing cert and other specialism(s).