My Experience as a Student Engaging with the MarTech Laboratory at Ulster University

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The complexity of today’s technology, social media, and digital marketing can leave one craving the simplicity of past marketing techniques.

However, digital marketing need not be such a daunting prospect.

The MarTech Lab at Ulster University is an online community hub that can provide digital marketing support, to everyone, from beginners to advanced marketing students, businesses, and start-ups. The key to its approach and SUCCESS , is its ‘6S’ community!

By connecting this ‘6S’ community of students, businesses, and specialists, The MarTech Lab aims to develop the potential skillset of the next generation of marketing technologists. In 3 years, it has certified almost 300 students, through strategic and applied digital marketing activities, and collaborated with 30 start-ups/enterprises.

Any Start-up, Social enterprise, or Corporate Social/Sustainability project can partner with Ulster University Marketing students. These future marketing minds (under the guidance of industry specialists) will develop a digital marketing strategy, that is tailored to the specific marketing needs of the project, by utilizing strategic models such as SOSTAC©


As a Centre for Higher Education Research and Practices (CHERP) Student Learning Partner, I was fortunate to be partnered with The MarTech team, and I cannot stress how enlightening this opportunity has been. As a newcomer to the world of digital marketing, I was initially intimidated by the complex jargon, and technological expanse.

However, upon completion of the Inbound Marketing Course, I sincerely believe that anyone who embarked on this course would immediately see its benefits. I was self-employed before becoming a full-time student and the content of this course would have optimised my marketing and vastly improved my business. I sincerely wish I had the option of The MarTech Lab, and it is why a felt compelled to advise others to please take advantage of the guidance and support provided by this community. Whether it be as a student who wants to expand their skillset, or a business who could work collaboratively with marketing students and specialists to optimise their digital marketing, The MarTech Lab can be an invaluable tool!

I am now Inbound Marketing and MarTech Software certified, and not only will it enhance my CV for future employers, but it will demonstrate a practical ability to apply digital marketing strategy. This certification is acquired through flexible, self-paced learning, and the courses develop digital marketing understanding through real-world scenarios, and MarTech software interaction.

To find out more about The MarTech Laboratory courses, the ‘6S’ community, or business collaborations, please click on the link below.

Published by Julie Graham Ulster University

I am a Learning Partner with The Centre for Higher Education Research and Practices (CHERP), who has been partnered with The MarTech Lab at Ulster University. I am currently a psychology undergraduate at Ulster University, Coleraine.